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There are many ways you can support us. You can be a part of this movement in many ways:


Support us financially. Your donations, no matter how small, will go a long way to renew and maintain this website and keep us online.

Submit an article

 You can also add your voice by writing an article on Godly Dressing and we will have it published on this website and on our social media platforms. You can also send us your Christian videos on Godly Dressing for publishing on our platforms.


Irrespective of your denomination you can be a full member of this movement. This will qualify you to join our WhatsApp Group and be part of the planning committee.


We are open for partnership, so long as it advances the aims and objectives of this movement. We are a non-denominational and very welcoming.


You can volunteer to support this movement by sharing our posts, be a moderator of our Facebook Group, become a content creator, editor, etc.


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