About Us

Hosanna Music Ministry Inc. is both a music ministry and a charitable organization but specifically for Christian youths who are talented either in singing or in playing musical instruments.
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Our vision and mission is to promote the praise of God and empower Christian youths in the Gospel music industry.


Hosanna Music Ministry Inc. is a both a ministry and a charitable organization. It is founded by Brother Hosanna David. In course of running his charity organization, Hosanna David Foundation Inc. he discovers a vacuum that needs to be filled. Many Nigerian youths are talented in music and they are doing very well all over the world. This is an area that we can invest in and create a platform so that we can reduce the rate of unemployment and crime in Nigeria, but unfortunately there are no much support for those in gospel music industry. Most of those who are talented in the gospel music industry do not find it easy to come to limelight. On the other hand those who sing secular music tend to have more support. The Church has a major role to play in supporting Christian musicians so that we do not continue to lose them to the world. This is what Hosanna Music Ministry is addressing.

He also see the need to partner with other organisations, communities, Churches, NGOs, choirs, etc. to promote the praise and worship of the Most High God.



  • Our main aims and objectives are to propagate the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through music, raising of worshippers and job creation.
  • Production and promotion of gospel hymns, music and spiritual songs.
  • Sponsorship and promotion of upcoming and existing gospel artistes, composers, hymn writers and songwriters.
  • To create platforms for both upcoming and existing gospel artistes, songwriters and hymn writers to publish their works and exhibit their talents.
  • To partner with Choirs, Churches, ministries, gospel bands, recording studios, communities, organizations, etc. both national and international, to promote the aims and objectives of Hosanna Music Ministry.
  • To compose, record and distribute worldwide, offline and online, in audio-visual, printed and other digital or technological media formats, gospel songs, hymns and music.
  • To carry out training and empowerment programmes for both children and adults by training them how to sing, compose hymns and songs, and to play musical instruments in order to raise worshippers and professionals, and also to create job opportunities in the gospel music industry.
  • To organise periodic talent hunts shows and programmes.